Transferring Our Domains From Godaddy To HostGator

So this week we decided to transfer all of our web services from Godaddy to HostGator.  Sounds simple enough sure.  We also use WordPress hosting for a couple of our domains so eventually we will be changing over from WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org as we are looking to go more advanced in our blogging and web services.  First thing to consider for transferring the domains is disabling any privacy services for said domain.  One of our domains was set to private registration to hide our personal contact info from prying spammers etc. so we had to disable or cancel the private registration of that domain.  I had misplaced my registration info to the privacy service we were using ( and had to send help requests to their support team, apparently we have moved no less than 6 times since registering the domain in question and I was having a hard time providing the required info as I did not keep half of those addresses in my records.  So here is some good advice.  Keep a record of every address you have ever had for ever.  Never ever use an email account from a registered domain as the admin email contact info for anything, especially the registered domain or any registered domain you cancelled.  Anyway after all my trouble of remembering this and that and those other things I finally got everything I needed to get started.  I transferred my first domain from Godaddy to HostGator and am now awaiting HostGator’s processing of the transfer and am now preparing this blog’s domain for transfer, and then this blog’s services from WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org.  I will first need some blogging content so that this transfer will serve as practice for the next more often used blog site.  We are more concerned with the other more often used blog site which is why this one will be my guinea pig, because if this one has transfer issues then no big deal as there has not yet been any meaningful content to lose.  I’ll write more on this in the next post.