More On Transferring Domains

So after 2 or 3 days of correspondence regarding the privacy registration and finally instigating a registrar change of our first domain we are waiting for the transfer to complete.  I can see that Godaddy has already released the domain, and now the domain is broken for however long it takes HostGator to acquire it from the ether and set it up on their services.

While I wait, here is how transferring works.

Step one: Cancel any privacy services (hides personal contact data and prohibits domain transfers)

Step two: Remove domain locks on the domain (prohibits domain transfers)

Step three: Get authorization code for domain in administrative panel (code to prove authorization for domain transfer when initiating transfer from new registrar service)

Step four: Goto new registrar service and initiate transfer, use their transfer search to check to see if domain is able to be transferred (does the domain exist? is the domain locked? is privacy released? etc…)

Step five: during the transfer you will be asked for the authorization code from the original registrar (usually a string of secure password like characters and looks something like this “y!,t0a(q>>y/Y<C2”)

Step six: Login to original registrar and accept the transfer request

Step seven: Wait (OMG I hate waiting for stuff like this!!)

During the waiting period the domain is broken and the domain will not resolve and only give errors. So you will want to plan ahead and if your domain usually resolved to your blog then you will want to have warned your audience ahead of time and hope they don’t forget how awesome you are in the mean time. Here’s my favorite smoking monkey to entertain me while I wait.